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October 7, 2013
May this letter stand as my client testimonial to the publicist services of Lynda B. Schneider.  I can’t say enough praise about Lynda, her level of hard work and her work ethic.  She is always on the job and thinks outside the box with creativity and intelligence.  I truly feel a safety net with Lynda between all the appearances she has literally and figuratively held my hand through and the invaluable help she has been on my book venture. I can honestly urge anyone to take advantage of her work.
 Larry Thomas



Penny Folino
Larry Thomas
Confessions of
A Soup Nazi,
An Adventure in
ACting and


This is a recommendation for Lynda Schneider's work in Publicity, PR, Marketing, Networking, Event Planning, and Promotion. I have worked with Lynda for several years on many different projeccts and have found her work to always be exemplary.  She definitely is a person who is imaginative and creative and she goes above and beyond to make sure every detail is taken care of and everything is perfect. 


I would highly suggest you call her for all your Public Relations, Publicist,  and Publicity needs.  


Penny Folino

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